The majority of football venues are at capacity.

To cater for an increase in female participation, Football SA is seeking funding to unlock additional venues and infrastructure to support female participationtion



Provide safe, clean and appropriate gender-neutral facilities to attract, retain and improve the participation experience for girls and women.


Equal investment and access to increase female participation outcomes.



Develop community sports hubs to increase the number of grounds available for women and girls to participate in physical activities.




Partner with the South Australian Education Department to unlock 20-30 sites across metropolitan and regional South Australia.

Centralise programs and competitions for girls and women at the new State Football Centre.

Work collaboratively with other sporting organisations to maximise the use of existing sporting facilities (indoor and outdoor).

Ongoing facility audit, upgrades to be inclusive, accessible and safe for girls and women.

Establish an ongoing facility fund, funding to be gained through Federal, State and Local Government as well as non-government funding and clubs.


Safe and accessible facilities.



Increase participation for girls and women.


Increase health and wellbeing of participants and social inclusion.



Improvement to community and education facilities.


Increased usage of education sites. This will assist in decreasing anti-social behaviour, such as vandalism, due to greater usage of the venue after hours.


State Centre identified as a hub for girls and women participation.