Football SA will seek to identify funding opportunities to implement Leadership initiatives that will increase women in leadership roles across all areas of the sport.


Significant increase in the number of girls and women in leadership positions in the areas of coaching, refereeing, administration, governance and volunteering.



Promote role models and success stories.



Strengthen football’s connection with Aboriginal and CALD Communities.

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Football SA to achieve gender parity on boards and committees formulated by Football SA by 2025.

Engage with clubs to identify education and support required to reach gender parity in leadership positions.

Implement a club based Women in Leadership program with the target of gender parity on club boards by 2030.

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Establish a young female leader program that supports the development of future leaders in South Australia, with a benefit to the individual, football and the wider community.

Conduct school programs (linked to SACE) focusing on coaching and refereeing.

Engage Aboriginal and CALD Community Leaders to identify potential challenges/barriers and how they can be addressed to encourage more women in leadership roles.

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In conjunction with Football Australia, implement a volunteer program to engage and train women to be involved in the delivery of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023™ in Adelaide.

Create social media story boards that share success stories of women in leadership roles. Promotion of female role models.


Enduring legacy of female leaders in South Australia.

Achieve gender parity on Club Boards by 2030.


150 more female coaches and 100 more female referees by 2025.


Educate the future leaders of South Australia.


Up-skill volunteers to assist in the delivery of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023™ in Adelaide.

Women and girls are educated and inspired to become involved in the sport through the promotion of success stories and role models.

Increase in physical, mental well being and social inclusion.

Increase economic activity across the communities.